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Top of the range Aluminium Gates and Fences


With more than 500 models available, La Toulousaine produces a very wide range of aluminium gates. Whether you prefer cutting-edge or traditional designs, they have a solution in their catalog to suit your needs.

La Toulousaine, the premier gate and fence manufacture in France, has a wide variety of top-of-the-range aluminium gates for you to choose from, 100% made in France. The aesthetic and technical design of their gates means they can adapt to any architectural style. Their products are custom-made to your choice of colour and technical specifications.

Timeless: straight lines, traditional curves, concealing or semi-openwork, the Timeless line contains all the great classics.

 straight angles, clean lines, customisable, possibility of mixing colours and materials (wood and aluminium for example), with the Modern line you can create the gate that’s right for you.

Traditional: inspired by the wrought iron gates of Europe’s architectural heritage, the Traditional line brings luxury to your home.

All their gates can be motor-operated, with standard operators or with integrated, nearly invisible versions.
They also have many operator accessories including intercom, videophone, access control via Internet, opening via telephone, aluminium pillars and threshold cable covers.

The choice is almost endless! The quality is outstanding!

Browse the catalog to find the perfect design, and colour, that will give your property the wow factor.

Make a note of the design etc. and we will give you a price.


La Toulousaine’s lacquering of its gate range of products complies with the stringent Qualicoat label. This way, we have ability to offer a 10 years warranty on our gate last surface treatment.


Qualicoat label is a contractual requirements developped for thermolacquering of aluminum sections, and in particular for aluminum gates components.

Qualicoat organization’s requirements range from lacquering processes, to lacquers allowed into the program, testskiln times… Powders and chemicals used during the lacquering treatment are also severely tested and controlled.

Qualicoat lacquering is the last step, coming right after the selection of quality aluminum profiles, and a thorough surface treatment made of different acid attacks, followed by rinsing and hot air drying of the profiles.

Following the different steps supervised by Qualicoat requirements, La Toulousaine also fulfills Qualimarine and Seaside regulatory demands.


The full process implies the lacquering of our gates, made on our automated lines of fabrication. This is how we achieve the best quality, by painting the assembled gate (and not the components before assembly). The consequence of this rigorous management of both surface treatment and lacquering processes is a:

10 years warranty


La Toulousaine has made the choice of Akzo Nobel, worldwide renown company for its powder paints, and of Surtec for the chemicals used into the pretreatment process before thermolacquering.

Our thermolacquering line complies with the requirements of the Qualicoat A1 type, whilst powder paints comply the Qualicoat Class 2. Also note that our conversion product meets the Qualicoat label.

Based upon the principle of electrostatic spraying of highly durable thermosetting Qualicoat Class 2 powders made from polyester resin and dyes allied, the process is followed by a timely cooking into an infra-red convection kiln where polymerization occurs, fixing the pigments onto the gates.

Akzo Nobel, our powder supplier, supports our endeavor for quality by advising us on the time of cooking in order to achieve excellence and meet the severe Qualicoat requirements.

SurTec our surface treatment chemical supplier, also provides its advises to meet the Qualicoat Label, and specifically offers:

  • 1000h saline and acetic mist test, carried on 2 months basis and followed by a full report
  • Damp conditions adherence test every 2 months
  • Weekly control of the physicochemical bathing solutions

On top of that, and with the help of a monitoring lab, La Toulousaine performs the following tests:

  • Daily control of the physicochemical baths
  • For each single gate produced, control of the quality painting
  • Archival storage of a painted sample for every gate produced


In order to remain with a perfect appearance of your gate we prescribe regular cleanings (frequency of the cleanings depends on the environment where the gate is installed).

  • Soft cleaning of the gate with a mixture of water and soft detergent (eg washing-up liquid)
  • Followed by a thorough clean water rinsing
  • End with a wiping with a clean and absorbing tissue    

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