A few words about μWiFi technology

μWiFi technology is a solution dedicated to data transmission in a harsh environment, developed by the BleBox R & D team.
Based on a combination of elements from three known communication standards: Bluetooth low energy, WiFi and Zigbee.

A simple in use technology was created including the use of broadcasting mode and ad-hoc connections (as in Bluetooth
4.1), resistance to interference’s (and in the future node mesh – derivative of Zigbee), high bandwidth and the ability to
connect to existing infrastructure networks based on a standard Access Point WiFi (has been preserved compatibility with
the WiFi standard). The technology was officially presented by the authors at the Chengdu International Exhibition
of New Technologies and Inventions (China) in October 2015 where it was appreciated by a manufacturers and a scientific
μWiFi technology allows you both a direct connection with each device and by using the existing WiFi
network (e.g. home, company). In addition, the cloud architecture provided by BleBox allows you to control your
devices from anywhere in the World via the Internet – only is necessary a WiFi network with access
to the Internet to which the modules will be connected. No additional configuration, fixed IP address
or tunneling.